About us

Being a single unit guest cottage, you have the advantage of being the only guest, though the unit sleeps up to 6 people. Privacy and space, with wide views in a large organic garden are what we offer. The unit has a room upstairs with it’s own balcony under the oldest bluegum tree I’ve ever come across. The modern yet quirky bathroom has an open shower and bath. The floor level room is either a bedroom with a queen size bed, or cleared out to be your work-room or studio, on demand. Upstairs is a loft room with a queen-size bed and beautiful views to wake up to. This makes it an ideal honeymoon suite, the only one in town.

Whatever your needs, whether an overnighting family, a honeymoon couple looking for a romantic and private setting or an artist looking for that undisturbed yet inspiring place to work, we will do our best to give you all you need to make your stay as good as it gets. Being the only guest/s will be something to remember as the attention you need or don’t need will be completely yours.