There are still Legavaans in Smithfield

Whilst closing my windows against the incessant wind and dust today, I spotted something in my garden outside. I had to take a good second look as what I thought I saw should surely have been a log. But, on the second good look I saw a small dragons head,Legavaan in my garden 20 Oct 2015 then I made out a long body and realized I was seeing a Legavaan! I went outside to have a closer look and after freezing for a moment the Legavaan made a dash for a large woodpile. I was surprised at how fast it moved.
I went back into the room and waited, and luckily it came out again, crossed the path and went back to eating some leaves under a bush, and I managed to get some photos.Legavaan in my garden 2 20 Oct 2015 I looked it up on the internet and realized it must still be a baby since it was only about 50cm long and they grow to more than a meter. It’s also called a Monitor Lizard.
What a pleasure to see quite a large wild animal in my garden, in the middle of Smithfield!

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