Bridge in Smithfield!

A few months ago, I was asked by friends here in Smithfield, whether I played bridge. I replied that I had learnt to play it when I was in high school (about a century ago) but hadn’t played since then and couldn’t remember how, really. I enjoy playing card games like Canasta and such games where “tricks” are won, and so I thought I would try to learn how to play bridge again. (I’ve also heard that it’s very good for the old grey cells, which I realise are good to look after, in balance to my inevitable aging and some ‘sins’ which I indulge in!)

So developed our little foursome, Julius Bramley, Anne and Geoff Montgomery and I. We play every week, sitting on the stoep of “Smithfield House” overlooking the Montgomery’s beautiful garden, and having tea and  cookies at four.

Bridge Club

Anne (left) Julius and Geoff (right)

Julius celebrating a winning game.

Julius celebrating a winning game.

I have really come to love playing with these people and especially the tranquility and ease of our afternoons and company. Our growing familiarity has spawned a lot of laughter and I realise how precious time can be with people one enjoys. I also realise that I much prefer playing bridge with good company than sitting around visiting with people and just talking. Maybe I really am getting old! BTW I have become quite good at playing bridge, so these brain cells are still working well!!!

So, if by chance you come to visit Smithfield, you would be more than welcome to come and join us in a hand or two of bridge.

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