Home made bread, to die for!

If you’ve been wise enough to order a dinner hereKitty's home made bread at the Garlic House, you might enjoy this delicious sourdough bread I make. It is quite hilarious to create and I know it looks like a rock but the results are always really good: crispy crust and holy insides. Happily, it’s only made from flour, yeast, salt and water! (Strange that if one leaves out the yeast and baking, it’s the same recipe for glue, play-dough and I don’t know what all else!) (Maybe I shouldn’t have said that!)

Bread and cheeseAnyway, come and try a slice or two of this bread with cheese, tomatoes and basil from the garden. It’s simplicity reminiscent of Greek island food which has always been my favorite.

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1 Response to Home made bread, to die for!

  1. johann greeff says:

    It looks dIiiieeelicious!!! Like someone said to me some years ago about a chocolate mousse…..”It’s to DIE for, doll!”

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