On the road near Smithfield.

The Garlic House is situated in Smithfield which is on the N6 135km from Bloemfontein and 75km to Aliwal North. It is the ideal stopover between Gauteng and Cape Town, Port Elizabeth or East London, being only a slight deviation from the stress of the N1 (joining back to the boredom of the much travelled route at Colesberg).

Peaceful good roads and stunning landscapes will make the journey more enjoyable, possibly than your destination, that is if you don’t decide to just rather stay for a few days. Smithfield is a southern Free State town where the cow-lands end and the Karoo’s sheep-lands begin. The surrounding landscapes display wide open spaces with ‘koppies’ (small hills with strange rocky tops) and fragrant bush scrub, colours that change dramatically by the hour and cloud formations that inspire on to go slower and slower. Being so far away from any large town or city, our night skies show the stars and Milkyway in all it’s universal splendor. The Garlic House’s views are undisturbed by fences, houses and lights at night, taking full advantage of this country feeling with distant views of our Smithfield hill and spacious town.